Anniversary Community Challenge

Anniversary Community Challenge

A multi-pronged challenge celebrating the 11th Age of Conan Anniversary!

Hark, heroes! New challenges await with great rewards for those who rise to the top!

The Anniversary leaderboards will temporarily replace the Unconquered leaderboards for the remaining duration of the anniversary event.

First, if every soul bands together to complete as many Daily Challenges as possible across both Crom and Fury, all shall be rewarded a special Panther mount with a unique tint compared to the mount you’ll get from daily login rewards!


Next, we’ll be awarding 600 Atlantean Shards to the top 100 overall players on Crom and Fury across two categories:

  • AA Points Gained
    • Counts total Expertise gained from the start of the season
    • Does not include Prowess nor Mastery gains by themselves
  • Dungeon Bosses Killed
    • Counts total group AND raid dungeon bosses killed
    • Does NOT count solo bosses
    • Bosses must award XP to the player in order to count

Basically, if you’re visible on the front page of each leaderboard, you are eligible for the Atlantean Shard prize!

We’re also running 2 rounds of AA and Dungeon Boss leaderboards!

The first round has already begun as of Wednesday, May 15 2019 after the servers came up and will flip into the next round in the morning (EDT) of Wednesday, May 22 2019. The second round will end the morning of May 30 2019.

Atlantean Shards will be delivered as a once-per-account claim in the form of 3x 200 Shard consumables.

See the Leaderboards here!