Membership Benefits are constant perks that remain active for as long as you are a member!*

*All items are virtual and unable to traded

*Membership offers and loyalty rewards can not be claimed on Saga Servers.


  Bonus Token Gain

*+100% Marks of Acclaim, Esteem Tokens
*+50% Campaign Badges, Conquest Trophies, Simple Trophies I-III, Simple Relics I-VI, Atlantean Shards.
*Does not apply to caches/chests

  Loyalty Rewards

*Based on days purchased

  30% Bonus XP and AA XP

*For both PvP and PvE

  Buy AA Perks with Time

*Starting at Level 20

  30% Bonus Faction Gain


  15 Teleport Coins

*Per character every 30 days

  Double rewards from Unchained Caches


  Bonus Expertise Point per Level


  7 Extra Character Slots


  Bonus Quest Capacity


  Unlimited Gold Capacity




Loyalty Rewards

You gain Loyalty Rewards the longer you have an active membership. Loyalty Rewards include pets, mounts, social armor, & more. Additional Loyalty Rewards will be added over time.


30 Day Rewards

The Conqueror's Crown

A piece of social armor worn by great conquerors and kings.

Additional Specialization

This item will automatically grant you one additional feat specialization. You can have a maximum of 4 additional specializations.

60 Day Rewards

Royal War Steed

Teaches you how to summon a Royal War Steed, personal mount of King Conan's Royal Dragon Elite.

Facemarking: Ferocity

Use this item to apply this face marking representing a roaring lion to your character.


90 Day Rewards

Mini-Pet: The Devourer

The abyssal fiend borne of lava, stone, and unfathomable hatred. Warden of the great Frostfather..

Permanent Traveling Merchant Contract

Summons a merchant to your side for five minutes to offload excess goods. This merchant cannot be summoned in some areas.



180 Day Rewards

Royal Dragon Elite Armor Set

A full seven piece set of social armor worn by the royal elite guards.

Path of Ahriman

Teaches an ability which will allow you to retrace your steps and instantly return to your bound location.



360 Day Rewards

Shadow of Zath

Teaches you how to summon a skittering servant to the spider-god Zath and also teaches you how to command your spider to spit venom at your foes.

Shroud of Zath

A social cloak thought to be worn by followers of the spider-god Zath.



540 Day Rewards

Cold Flame Nightmare

Teaches you how to summon a Cold Flame Nightmare, an ancient warhorse reforged in ice and fire.

Character Slot

Permanently grants one additional character slot for your account.



720 Day Rewards

Royal Treasure Chest x5

Opening this treasure chest will grant you 2 items.

At least 1 of these items is guaranteed to be of rare or better quality.

Level 80 Boost

Allows you to boost a single new character straight to level 80.

After completing character creation you will be given the option to boost your character.



900 Day Rewards

Mini-Pet: Game Master

Teaches you how to summon a minature Game Master.

This particular Game Master has been stripped of its powers, but is still very friendly and helpful!

The Aquilonian Crown

A great hero once wore this upon his head; now, you.




1080+ Day Rewards

Obsidian Shadow of Zath

Teaches you how to summon an armored skittering servant to the spider-god Zath.

Also teaches you how to command your spider to spit venom at your foes.

Obsidian Carapace of Zath

The carapace of the spider-god Zath is now yours to don.