Tread in the footsteps of Conan the Barbarian himself, and explore the vast reaches of Hyboria.

Choose from one of twelve diverse classes and embark on a journey to explore locations all over Hyboria and battle creatures from the depths of hell itself - all inspired by the beloved books, movies and comics. If you play your cards right you will even get to meet King Conan himself!


Through your adventures in the online world of Hyboria, you will encounter characters known from the Conan books, comics and movies.

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In the world of Hyboria players can choose between twelve different classes ranging from axe-wielding Barbarians to shapeshifting Heralds of Xotli.

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Travel through damp jungles, burning deserts, sprawling cities, and windswept mountaintops. The world of Hyboria is yours to explore.

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Battle creatures straight out of hell itself, from burning demons to ferocious snow giants that defend themselves using tree trunks as weapons!

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